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Facade.exe is a gaming software which is an adventurous game and also an  interactive drama, a new generation of  character and story interactive environment. facade can be downloaded for free from this website. in this facade player using his name can play the character of a long time friend of GRACE and TRIP an attractive couple during their thirties.

Your aim however is to make sure that ultimately Grace and Trip stay together rather than hurtle for expensive divorce proceedings. facade is an artificial intelligence based application. Facade architecture has been built dramatically interesting ,a real time 3D virtual world inhabited by computer controlled characters, in which a player can experience a story on behalf of first person.

Facade for Windows screen shot

Facade for Windows screen shot

Facade was publicly released as a free ware download in july 2005. Facade for windows requires XP/2000/Me,on a computer 1.6 GHz and 1 GB or faster with 256 MB of RAM and 1 GB of hard disk space.

{ Price: FREE, Size: 167.4 MB }