Visual Boy Advance

Visual Boy Advance – Gamboy Advance Emulator

Version: 1.7.2
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OS: windows
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Visual Boy Advance is a Gamboy Advance Emulator and is one of the best and also the most popular emulators for Game Boy in the market. Not only game boy advance, but this VBA software also emulates others read only memory systems like SGB, GBA and GBC.

It supports zipped roms as well, and hence it avoids unzipping of the files after downloading them onto your desktop. This also prevents attack of computer viruses and malware programs.VBS has benn used in popular devices like the Nintendo’s Avance, Clour and game boy handheld gaming consoles. Today, VBA is developed further and is etended to Windows, Linux and Mac versions as well. As of last year, the Visual game advance is considered as one of the most important as well as popular emulators for the Windows platform. A multiple version of the software was also released, called VBA-M in order to mix all the previous versions. Other than the usual direct-x version for Windows, VBA also is based on SDL which is a graphics library. VBA is also available on Be OS, Wii, Game Cube and Microsoft Xbox. Hence, it is certainly a popular emulator.

{ Price: FREE, Size: 798 KB }