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Version: 3.10.1
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OS: Mac OS X 10.6/10.7/10.8
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The Unarchiver for Mac free download latest version for MAC, The Unarchiver for Mac is a File Compression software, This application is Developed  and maintained  by Dag Agren.

The Unarchiver is a much more capable replacement for “Archive”, the built-in archive extraction program on Mac OS X. The Unarchiver is designed to handle many more formats than Archive Utility, and to better fit in with the design of the Finder.

It can also handle filenames in foreign character sets, created with non-English versions of other operating systems. I personally find it useful for opening Japanese archives, but it should handle many other languages just as well.

The Unarchiver supports more formats than I can remember. Zip, Tar, Gzip, Bzip2, 7-Zip, Rar, LhA, StuffIt, several old Amiga file and disk archives, CAB, LZX, stuff I don’t even know what it is. It copies the finder file-copying/moving/deleting interface for its interface and uses the character set auto-detection code from Mozilla to auto-detect the encoding of the filenames in the archives.

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