Apps Installer for Android 0.2.1

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OS: Android
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Apps Installer for Android – For every android, the enhanced technology has been a treat to the user. The app installer is an easy and convenient way to install and enjoy the apps. The installer is to be installed on the PC or laptop to start. It permits you a humble exchange of apps between your android phone and your computer. Once the app installer is installed onto your PC, plug in your android phone and start synchronizing your apps. On clicking the option “apps” a list of installed apps appears on the panel. To import more apps from the computer, you have to click on “install App from PC”.

The transfer of apps can be monitored through the task manager of the computer. Their installation can be cross checked on the phone too. Similar user friendly and easy options are available to transfer apps from the phone to the PC “Export App to PC”. Apps can be uninstalled from the phone by clicking on “Uninstall App on the phone” to clear all the files of that app. The App Installer is all the more useful when it comes to creating backup for contacts, photos, SMS etc. by transferring them to the computer and hence providing great assistance to the user.

{ Price: Free, Size: 80.05K }