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Google search  is the application for android is useful for searching the web extensively in the mobile. The results for searching the mobile phone as well as of the web can be seen, as the user types the keyword. As the user keeps on using this application, the Google search application will start learning the most visited sites and the elements that are clicked by the user mostly. This will help the user to use those links very easily and quickly. A new updated version of Google search application for android has been provided in recent times, which is observed to be giving fast and smooth performance.



Google search is also found to be having simple user interface. The latest version provides the suggestions for the search as the user types while the results of the search and other details will be shown beneath. The search history can be cleared with the items which are pressed strongly on the screen. This version also adds up with a new feature of providing the suggestions specific to the search done in a particular country based on the Google domain available with that country.

{ Price: Free, Size: 35.45 MB }