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ICICI Mobile Banking – iMobile for Android

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OS: Android 1.6 and up
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The ICICI Mobile Banking app, otherwise called iMobile is the ICICI bank’s official and authorized mobile banking app. This app is a new leap forward in revolutionizing banking. Now whatever you’ve been doing over internet banking, the same can be done via your mobile at ease. It offers the same convenience, ease of use, and high security as internet banking and it offers a large spectrum informational and banking services to make banking an easier affair for you. You can transfer funds between accounts, pay bills from your mobile, book airline tickets, make train reservations, and also bus tickets. There is more in the line; you can book movie tickets, can recharge your mobile phones, and even locate an ATM nearby your location. There is a unique feature available known as IMPS – ‘InterBank Mobile Payment Service’ that allows you to transfer money and it comprises an entire range of Savings account, Credit card, Demat and even loan accounts.

icici mobile banking iMobile

icici mobile banking iMobile


{ Price: FREE, Size: 3.9 MB }