Internet Speed Test for Android, iPhone & Windows Phone

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OS: Android, iPhone & Windows Phone
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Internet Speed test is a must have application as more and more business and homes are opting for broadband internet. To be more precise the broadband comes in three types DSL Broadband, Cable Broadband and Satellite Broadband of access for its high speed internet access i.e. almost 10 times faster than the dial up connection.

Broadband providers generally give bandwidth capabilities that are not always fixed and accurate as greater number of people may access the network more than what is network could handle. Thus broadband speed keeps varying all times; consequently, requiring Internet Speed Test app for every broadband internet users to know their internet speed.

Just give it a try!! This app occupies less space on your device and designed to pin point issues associated with your broadband internet connection by monitoring your devices internal memory, WiFi, Lan, processes and fix problems. This app has few buttons to go with that are easy to follow and execute that tests both the downloading and the uploading speed of the internet.

Once the test finishes, a window opens disclosing the speed of your broadband.



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