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Norton Family free download latest version for Windows PC,Norton Family is a Parental Control Software,This application is Developed and maintained by Norton.

See your kids’ online activities at a glance, Norton Online Family protects your kids from online predators by allowing you to understand what your kids are really doing online and spot potential.

Easy-to-read activity reports give you the inside scoop on what your kids do online. In just minutes, you can find out what sites your kids visit, what they search for, who they chat with*, and what social networking sites they spend time at. You’ll get to know your kids better and gain a deeper understanding of their online interests, so you can protect and guide them.

  •  Know what your kids are really doing online
  •  Spot potential dangers before they become problems
  •  Easily manage your kids’ computer time
Norton Family screen shot

Norton Family screen shot

Norton Online Family Key Features:

  • Tracks all the websites your kids visit from their PC, Mac or Android mobile device and lets you block specific sites or types of sites.
  • Shows you how your kids represent themselves on social networking sites, including the name, age, and profile picture they use.
  • Tracks the words, terms, and phrases your kids search for online and lets you filter inappropriate content.
  • Lets you prevent your child from sharing sensitive personal information online, including phone number, Social Security number, and email address.
  • Allows you to see how much time your kids spend online and to set limits on how much time they spend on their computers. You can even limit use to specific hours or days of the week.
  • Automatically alerts you via email when kids ignore a warning or attempt to visit a blocked site.
  • Lets you monitor your kids’ online activities from your iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device and adjust settings when you’ on the go.

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