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Pixlr is an online photo editing service which provides a wide range of tools to pictures and graphic manipulation. Images can be edited, created and shared without having any software installed on the computer. Pixlr is a free utility that features advanced and interactive tools of photo editing, very similar to that of adobe PhotoShop. The attributes of regular software editor are incorporated in Pixlr that include shapes, gradients, layers, airbrushes, pencils, color adjustment and numerous filters. Pixlr has extended support of importing pictures. Images can be created, imported directly from a website through the URL and saved JPG or Png images can be inserted.



The PhotoShop images in PSD format can also be directly accessed and modified in the editor of Pixlr. It facilitates user with three distinct controls used for different purposes. The editor is the prominent tool which performs the task of editing an image. You can crop, resize, adjust color/brightness or manipulate the image through an editor. It expresses in very helpful in adjustments like rotation, inversion etc. The grabber can have the ability to grab the images from your desktop or browser. Pixlr is a powerful and handy tool for image editing rule out the need of any heavy software installation.

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