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Panda Free Antivirus for Windows | Free Antivirus, VPN & Firewall

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17 January 2019
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Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

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Panda Free Antivirus | Free Antivirus, VPN & Firewall

The new Panda Free Antivirus & Firewall For Windows provides the easy-to-use and most intuitive protection for your computer. Install it and forget about viruses, spyware, rootkits, hackers and online fraud.

Panda Free Antivirus with Firewall gives Essential protection against spyware, malware, phishing (online fraud), rootkits (stealth techniques) and banker Trojans.

Panda Free Antivirus download latest version for Windows PC, Panda Free Antivirus is a best free antivirus, Free VPN and anti-malware software, Developed and maintained by Panda Security and runs on any system with Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 & Vista.

Real-time and Complete protection against known and unknown viruses.Vaccinate your USB flash drives against infections. Chat, share photos and videos, shop online, read your favorite blogs or simply browse the Web with complete peace of mind and without interruption.

Thanks to its new real-time protection technology, the new Panda Free Antivirus is safer, faster and more complete than ever before. Start your computer in safe mode and disinfect it in critical situations. Share this recovery tool and help others clean their computers.

Panda Security’s technologies provide an intelligent protection system based on a user community where everyone contributes. Your computer will always be up-to-date and protected. Additionally, your PC won’t restrict the detection power as Panda’s huge virus detection database is located on the Internet (the cloud).

Enjoy a new, more modern and intuitive user experience aligned with that provided by the latest operating systems and platforms. You don’t have to be an expert to use it. Panda Free Antivirus does everything for you. Install it and forget about viruses and other threats.

panda free antivirus
panda free antivirus

Panda Free Antivirus Key Features

  • Antivirus protection with Firewall For Windows devices 100% virus detection rate
  • Free VPN – Limited 150MB/day. Browse anonymously from a single virtual location
  • Antivirus Protection : Real-time protection against all types of malware and spyware. Schedule periodic scans and/or scan your computer on demand.
  • USB protection : Protect your PC by preventing the automatic execution of malware from USB drives. Scan all USB drives upon insertion.
  • Panda rescue kit : Free PC recovery system. Run an advanced scan of your PC or create a rescue USB drive to boot and clean those infected computers that won’t even start.
  • Multimedia/Game mode : This mode ensures you play or watch multimedia content without disturbance from your antivirus while remaining completely secure.

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