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Version: 2015 15.0 Build 15.0.1 License Type:30-day free trial
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OS: Windows All
Size: 4.38MB
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Category:  Antivirus Software

Solo Antivirus is not just any kind of antivirus program, but it is a complete protection system for your windows operating system. The superb and great Solo Antivirus  program as it is known will fight effectively to detect and later kill viruses, spyware, key loggers, and worms, root kits and for that matter just any kind of malicious virus program.

Solo Antivirus is powered with improved scan engine and online update facility. Solo Antivirus is designed and upgraded to do quick scans and setting the records on the scan engine performance. The smart antivirus program has got exclusive system integrity checker loaded with the capabilities to lend the protection for your system from backdoors, Internet worms and spyware.

Solo Antivirus has cutting edge technology integrated into it. Some of these include an automatic update facility, sentry system, a schedule scan facility, and also the emergency disk tool. The antivirus program also has capabilities to conduct memory Windows locked files disinfection, scan during installation, and much more.

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Solo Antivirus screen shot

Solo Antivirus Key Features

  • Enhanced scan engine
  • protect your system from new Internet worms, backdoors, and spyware
  • automatic update facility
  • a schedule scan facility
  • an emergency disk tool
  • memory scan during installation
  • Windows locked files disinfection
  • simple and easy-to-use interface

{ Price: 30-day free trial, Size: 4.38MB }