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Microsoft Mathematics is an Educational Program which allows its users to solve science and math problems from basic to Precalculus level. Microsoft Mathematics is specially designed for Microsoft Windows. It runs on Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 3 and later. Microsoft Mathematics is a free downloadable tool that provides step-by-step instructions along with a fair explanation of fundamental concepts. It helps the student in solving tough math problems. It has Graphical Calculator, which has extended two dimensional and extensive three dimensional graphs that can better explain concepts and problems. It is enriched with more than 100 of formulae and equations. In addition, it has triangle solver, which better illustrates triangle and its subparts.

The most handy tool for students as it easily and quickly converts units of measure which includes area, length, weight, volume, pressure, temperature, power, time, velocity and energy. Moreover, Microsoft Mathematics supports Ink Handwriting and calculus that allows students to write the problems by hand and have them analyzed by Microsoft Mathematics. So far Microsoft has released four versions of Microsoft Mathematics. The latest version was released in 64-bit and 32-bit.

Microsoft Mathematics

Microsoft Mathematics

Microsoft Mathematics Key Features:

  • The Step-by-Step Equation Solver: Students can use this to learn how to solve difficult math problems.
  • Graphing calculator: Its full features and large two-dimensional and enhanced three-dimensional color graphs can better illustrate problems and concepts.
  • Formulas and Equations Library: Students will find more than 100 commonly used equations and formulae to help identify and apply equations.
  • Triangle Solver: This graphing tool explains triangles and their parts.
  • Unit Conversion tool: Students can use this handy tool to quickly and easily convert units of measure, including length, area, volume, weight, temperature, pressure, energy, power, velocity, and time

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