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Mozilla Firefox is a free internet web browser which is an innovation; it has come up with the rapidity and variety of advanced features to offer a safer and faster web browsing.

It has got a location bar which is very user-friendly and offers comfort over time. Firefox is safer and easier to use as is based on Gecko platform. Firefox has set standard for security. It has got protection against worms, viruses, trojans and spyware to keep users secure from phishing and fraud websites. Different users access various websites and with Firefox they can customize the browser with different add-ons.

Tabs provide are above the awesome bar so that user can easily focus on the sites that are visited. It has a single button for menu to provide ease. Also, bookmarks can be managed with the single button.

Mozilla Firefox screen shot

Mozilla Firefox screen shot

Firefox has improved three states UI to prevent tracking, ability to manage the removed thumbnails on the other tab, performance of graphics is improved and there are lots of other improvements which make Firefox even better.

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