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Broadband Usage Meter free download latest version for Windows PC, Broadband Usage  Meter is a Dial-up software, This application is Developed and maintained by Rackeys.

Broadband usage meter is a desktop utility that enables an internet user to monitor live his broadband usage, so he keeps within his ISP’s broadband usage limit for a definite period.

It also offers desktop broadband speed. It dispenses away with the need to visit your broadband service provider’s website for checking the broadband usage now and then.

It dispenses with the need to login to broadband provider’s website. Live broadband usage meter is a standalone desktop meter, which calculates locally your internet data transfer. It is live all the time!

Broadband Usage Meter screen shot

Broadband Usage Meter screen shot

Broadband Usage Meter Key Features:

  • Live broadband usage on your desktop.
  • Live broadband speed on your desktop.
  • Compatible with every ISP.

  • Works with both landline, and mobile broadband.
  • Does not consume any bandwidth for its own functioning.
  • Very easy to configure. Right click menu.
  • Has Right click pop up menu.
  • Can be dragged to any convenient place on the desktop.
  • Memorizes its current position, size and colour.
  • Has changeable colour option.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Can be dragged to any convenient place on the desktop.
  • Displays the internet speed in Kb/s.
  • Displays cummulative hourly usage
  • Displays monthly stats.

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