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Version: 11.0
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License Type:Freeware
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OS: Windows
Size: 30.1MB
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Microsoft has launched a new Internet explorer  11 free  web browser has a clear design.  Internet Explorer is a web browser we can pin the sites in the task bar like we pin in favorites sites, buy using this ie9 we can block the add on sites and threats which slows the computer. Internet explorer has an inbuilt download manager and it potentially handles the threats.

Internet Explorer screen shot

Internet Explorer screen shot

Internet Explorer Key Features :

  • CSS3
  • Selectors (entire module and ::selection)
  • Namespaces (all except attribute selectors)
  • Backgrounds & Borders (Border-radius)
  • Color (rgba(), opacity)
  • DOM Core Namespaces
  • DOM Range
  • DOM L2 Events
  • Event registration and dispatch APIs (addEventListener, removeEventListener, createEvent, dispatchEvent)
  • Event Capture, bubble and target phases
  • New event objects (Event, UIEvent, MouseEvent, etc.)
  • DOM L3 Events
  • CustomEvent, KeyboardEvent, DragEvent Interfaces
  • HTML5 Selection
  • XHTML Documents

{ Price: Freeware, Size: 30.1MB }