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RapGet is a download manager available free at various online sites. RapGet (RAPidshareGET) assist the user to download different kinds of audio, video, image, software or document files from a range of websites. Rapget downloading software uses the technique of recognizing a code in order to search and download files of different formats in a faster time as that is spend traditionally.

RapGet acts as one of the easiest solution to download folders and files and that too from the range of tricky servers. All that users have to do is to choose a particular server and input his or her login id and password to get files downloaded in an easier and faster way. Rapget downloader program acts as a handy tool for downloading files from Rapidshare.com as well as other websites that shares files of different formats.



Users can also configure the settings for

  •     To set the time of the waiting period
  •     The Errors that usually occur before the process of rotation
  •     The Rotations that are observed before the removal process
  •     To disable or enable the corrupt or unwanted files

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