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Rapidshare Auto Downloader free download latest version for Windows PC,Rapidshare Auto Downloader is a Auto Downloader Software,This application is Developed and maintained  by Vahab Shalchian.

Rapidshare Auto Downloader is the software tool that can easily and rapidly download the required links from Rapidshare.com site. Rapidshare Auto Downloader software supports 3 languages: French, English and Farsi. This installer offers additional security to the users to select option of access either for self or everyone who intends to use this software. Soon after the process of installation in an ultra fast mode is complete, user can run and open the Rapidshare Auto Downloader.

rapidshare auto downloader

rapidshare auto downloader

The second step is to add and input the links that the user wishes to download from the site of Rapidshare.com. Rapidshare Auto Downloader features auto shutdown, saving and loading, waiting period for downloads, re-downloading and ignoring the links that has larger memory files.

Rapidshare Auto Downloader assists in simplifying clicking activities of the users. It helps in rapid downloading of various links from the Rapidshare.com site and is thus beneficial for regular downloading process. The PC user also has an option to download several links at a time. However, the links are generally downloaded one at a time to ensure giving quality downloaded contents.

{ Price: Free, Size: 750 KB }