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Version: 4
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OS: Windows All
Size: 1.5 MB
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Category:  Social Networking

Facebook Pro is a free and simple desktop application for Facebook accessing without a web browser, Download Facebook Pro software for windows and download on your PC easily and quickly.

Facebook Pro enables you to access Facebook account with out browser help and includes different modes like Standard, Lite and Mobile. The Lite mode is under the Extras button and a link at the top named Facebook Light will take you there.

The Facebook Pro includes popular pages and the Facebook blog. this Facebook free application gives you the option to stay logged in to your Facebook account. To use Facebook Pro, you need to install and run it with administrator rights. Once opened, you sign in to Facebook account as usual, and then you’ll be able to use the facebook social network normally.



The application Facebook Pro is developed by Regedanzter. Facebook Pro is a free and best desktop application for social networking.

The Facebook Pro will support Windows  operating systems, It is available for Free of cost; Requires PC with Windows Micro Soft Operating System, download on Downloada2z.com software directory for your PC.


{ Price: Free, Size: 1.5 MB }