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Torrent Swapper is the best and easy solution for downloading files from internet using Peer-To-Peer technology.  Torrent Swapper is one of the free and sociable Bit torrent  P2p client, used to sharing files. Peer-To-Peer technology based on establishing connection between the computer that searches for the files and the computers that contain them.

 Torrent Swapper features like speed limits, proxy, download queue, fast resume, port mapping, disk cache, or ip filter makes the software one of the best one for Windows nowadays. It is based on social networking, recommendation, multiple downloads in a single window, tag based navigation, moderation, and real-time streaming.

 Torrent Swapper runs almost on positive reviews and supports good antivirus program to the PC. A keygen which contains a Trojan horse opening can be used by the hackers to control computer, copy data and control viruses and spam to other people. The largest encyclopedia can be created without authoritative editors.

Torrent Swapper

Torrent Swapper

Torrent Swapper Key Features:

  • Amazon-like recommendations to get interesting files
  • Doubling the download speed by using the upload capacity of friends
  • Real-time P2P file sharing with P2P video streaming
  • Showing the locations of seeders / leechers of the same content with city-level accuracy on a world map
  • Multiple downloads in a single window
  • Queueing system with priority
  • Supporing pause, stop, resume, queue, remove operations
  • Supporting global setting such as upload and download limiting
  • Supporting local setting for each torrent as well

{ Price: Free, Size: 4.81MB }