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WebZIP  free download latest version for Windows PC,WebZIP  is a Offline Browsers Software,This application is Developed and maintained  by Spidersoft.

Through WebZIP  you can download web pages or entire websites to your hard drive and you have the convenience of browsing them offline anywhere, anytime at breakneck speeds. This WebZIP also lets you download web pages or entire websites and save them onto your hard drive for much faster offline browsing or as an archive of your favorite sites.

WebZIP lets you save all pages, reference material, online books, e-zines, news articles, images, sounds and other media types directly onto your hard disk. Downloading and saving the Web information you require is a simple 4-step process. This guided tour, will take you through the process of downloading a Web site, checking the progress of your download, and viewing the captured Web content quickly offline, even while the download is still in progress. Great for taking the Web on the road with you, to a presentation, on a plane or train or anywhere where there is no Internet connection.



key features of “WebZIP”:

  • Save your sites to HTML-Help (CHM)
  • Using the new FAR add-in tool for WebZIP, you can compile your downloaded content to HTML-Help
  • With just a few simple clicks, you get a single compressed HTML-Help file, complete with: Table of Contents, Index, and Full-Text Search capabilities of your captured Web site
  • Zip up the Web
  • The FAR add-in tool for WebZIP also gives you the option of saving your captured Web content into a single compressed Zip file – a great way to archive Web sites, or distribute them to friends and colleagues
  • Save valuable time and money by not having to connect to the Internet to browse the same Web sites over and over again for the same information
  • Capture only the information you want

{ Price: 15-day trial, Size: 1.36MB }