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Version: Build 2015.11.06.8
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YAHOO TOOLBAR – The most convenient application provided by Yahoo that can be installed on the computer in order to make browsing easier. It is compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer. YAHOO TOOLBAR adds an extra bar called the yahoo toolbar on the internet browser which includes a lot of shortcut options.

The options include a search box and direct link to yahoo mail along with a number of built-in algorithms. The features also include spyware and malware protections. On installing a yahoo toolbar, pop up blocking gets activated with an attempt to provide a safe net surfing experience for the user.


This particular feature stated by yahoo has become very popular over the years and has dominated most of the explorers running. The best quality is that it gets upgraded and hence is compatible with every explorers as well as the OS. It runs on Windows, MAC and Linux.

Applications like these make net access an easy experience when a separate window does not need to be opened with a search engine. Also weather updates, direct links to many frequently used websites makes it all the more interesting.


{ Price: Free, Size: 3.6 MB }