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Version: 10.7
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OS: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista
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Download Free MP3 Cutter Joiner Latest Version for Windows PC. For music lovers who wish to extract specific portions of their favorite audio file and for those who want to achieve a special compilation of their favorite music streams or files, the Free MP3 cutter, joiner would help. The application is composed of a free MP3 cutter and a joiner which not only helps with compilation of music files but also helps people to get highlights from specific MP3 files.



The key features of this application include, cutting portions of audio from big audio files and later convert them in MP3 format. Merging multiple files or parts of different files in to one big media file, cutting or joining happens with high precision without losing the quality if media files. For those who wish to keep a large number of media files in their PC, the main constraint could be disk space. But this application does cutting and joining functions without costing much disk space with a small built-in player for pre-listening and determining the quality of the composed file. The application also offers a defined time when and where the user wants to cut the audio stream using the slider bar. Exact precision in time in the order of microseconds is maintained to yield the correct portion of the audio field and the entire application in user-friendly with an easy to use interface leading people to definitely ascertain when and where to cut files adequately.

{ Price: FREE, Size: 4.48MB }