MP4 player 2.0

MP4 player 2.0
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As the name says, MP4 player  allows user to play the video file in MP4 format. Also, it supports FLV, MP3 and AAC files. With a popular layout, the program opens a window and has simple interface. The media files can be played by drag and drop method or can be imported using the file browser.

A major pitfall is you can import several files at a time to prepare a playlist. Just like other tools, it also has basic functions like pause, volume adjustment, navigation back and forward, full screen mode and stretching the image. With a simple right click you’ll get a menu which can configure Abode flash player settings.

It does not require big memory and works very well by supporting keyboard shortcuts. No pop-ups, dialogue boxes and freeze problem occur during its run; it ensures hassle free performance. It is straightforward tool to play video and audio tracks.

MP4 player MP4 player 2.0

MP4 player

MP4 player 2.0
Version 2.0
Price Free
File Size 645 KB
Developer Reezaa Media Inc
Operating System Windows all


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