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Version: 2.69
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WinAce is free archiving utility. it is a GUI( Graphical user interface) software utility for widely used compression  format ACE.  ACE compression is more efficient compared to ZIP format and one of the best compressing and ecompressing tool with incredible high compression rate.

WinAce modifies and compresses files of different types. it is avialble in DOS version as well as several commandline versions for different operating systems some of key features for a compression utility are compression ratio, compression speed and user friendly features. these are basic essential factors to be and extra features are advantages, like security, disk-spanning archives or self-extracting archives?

WinAce can be used for ZIP format compression and extraction files. WinAce acts as a file manager shell also. It supports copying, moving or deleting files as well as viewing text and commonly used graphic files. As ZIP files are most common and widely used around the world, WinAce supports ZIP format also. even though ZIP lacks the powerful and fast compression  rate which ACE format offers. WinAce has Drag&Drop window. Files are dragged to existing archive or from an archive to another folder or onto the desktop.

During the compression/extraction process a status window keeps track record about the file(s) currently processed. It includes built-in compression for ACE, ZIP, LHA, and MS CAB formats, and built-in decompression for ACE, ZIP, LHA, MS CAB, RAR, ARJ, ARC, GZIP, TAR, and ZOO formats. Version 2.2 adds support for Windows Terminal Servers, adds compatibility with Windows XP themes, and fixes compatibility issues with RAR 3.0 archives.


Key Features of “WinAce”:

  • compression of the following formats: ACE, ZIP, LHA, MS-CAB, JAVA JAR
  • decompression of: ACE, ZIP, LHA, MS-CAB, RAR, ARC, ARJ, GZip, TAR, ZOO, JAR
  • multi-volume (disk spanning) archives for ACE, ZIP, CAB
  • self-extracting archives (SFX) for ACE and ZIP
  • password encryption & recovery records for data protection
  • Integrity check for ACE, ZIP, LHA, MS-CAB, RAR, ARC, ARJ, GZip, TAR, ZOO, JAR
  • Repair functionality for ACE and ZIP archives
  • Authenticity verification for ACE archives
  • comment files in HTML, ANSI or ASCII for ACE- and ZIP-Archives
  • full command line access (compatible with DOS ACE)
  • detailed information for all archive types
  • Quickviewer for graphic files, Word Documents, HTML pages and ASCII files
  • full drag&drop support
  • complete file-management (copying, moving and deleting of files and directories)
  • optimization of existing archives
  • access to your archives in Windows Explorer and via the context menu (shell extension)
  • table of contents in the “Properties” panel of ACE and ZIP files (shell extension)

{ Price: Free Trial, Size: 3.8 MB }