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DOSBox is an emulator software that copies the action of the MS Dos running IBM PC compatible computer. It is a free software, which is mainly meant to run the old PC games on the modern computers that otherwise do not work on it. DOSBOX runs on either mode of CPU protected mode or real mode. It can emulate various types of graphics and sounds. Graphics emulation involves Hercules, Tandy, CGA, Text mode, VESA and many more.

On the other hand, sound hardware emulation involves ad-lib, PC speaker, Sound Blaster and many more. The extensive feature of DOSBOX is its capability to take screenshots, and in addition, it can record gameplay footage. The enhanced intranet and internet networking differentiates it from various other emulators. It can stimulate peer to peer. It has its own DOS- shell, unlike other emulators. The latest updates in DOSBOX can fix a stack overflow, and it also fixes the talking parrot issue i.e., fake microphone input. Moreover, it has improved support that fixes Magic Circle demo.



{ Price: Free, Size: 1.4 MB }