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Version: 8.2 License Type:Shareware
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Hiew free download latest version for Windows PC, Hiew is a FILE Editor software,This application is Developed and maintained by Eugene Suslikov.

Hiew is a hex viewer, Hiew shows unlimited files in text/hex modes and Pentium Pro disassemble mode with the best tool. It includes OMF/COFF files and libraries, NE/LE/LX/PE/ELF executables, splitting and joining dual executables. Its size is limited to 150000 bytes. It does not store any crypt scripts in file. It also does not have Unicode and HEM support.



The main features of Hiew are:

  •  Edit and view the files of any length in text, hex and decode modes.
  •  It supports for NE, LE, LX, PE, PE32+ELF executable formats.
  •  It supports Netware Loadable Modules like NLM, DSK, LAN etc
  •  It is built-in powerful 64 bit calculator.
  •  It operates read, write, fill, copy, move, insert, delete and crypt.
  •  It possesses Unicode support.
  •  It contains External Module support.

{ Price: Shareware, Size: 154 KB }