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HxD Hex editor is a brand new and free hex editor that allows the user to edit raw content of a file or a disk and helps user to analyse patch programs, malware, repair hard drive tables, create game cheat codes, access file comparisons etc., along with raw disk editing and modifying the RAM memory.

The editing focus of the tool works like any other text editor with focus on task oriented operations and its functions are streamlined to hide technical differences. For e.g., drives and memory are presented as a whole with contrast to a sector view and helps in cutting off lengthy data.

Just like regular files, the drives and memory could be supported as well and in additions memory sections are defined by a fold able region while inaccessible sections are hidden as default.

HxD-Hex-Editor screen shot

HxD-Hex-Editor screen shot

The tool could be employed to analyse big files, and patch ROM files for emulators and repair disk structures. The tool efficiently handles huge files and helps in fast search and replacement of data. The tool employs a lot of additional efforts to get operations efficient and fast instead of forcing the user to use specialized functions or arbitrarily limiting the file sizes. The tool also has a responsive interface with progress indicators for long operations.


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