IDA (formerly IDA PRO) 6.3

Version: 6.3.120822
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License Type:Demo
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OS: Windows All
Size: 32.7 MB
Downloads: 61
Category:  Programming

IDA is a programmable, interactive, and multi-processor disassembler combined with a local and remote debugger and augmented by a complete plugin programming environment.

It is very unique and its interactivity allows improving disassembler in real time. It explores binary programs to create maps of their execution. It executes in a symbolic representation which is otherwise known as assembly language. It reveals the spying on e-banking or e –mails. It has been used as the root of a genomic classification of viruses.

Some of the features of IDA PRO are:

* It is a disassembler.
* It is a debugger. It protects from viruses, worms and trojans with powerful tools.
* It is interactive.
* It is programmable.
* It accepts any file from Atmel ROMs to OS/2 LX executables.
* It supports iPhone, ARM and Power PC.



{ Price: Demo, Size: 32.7 MB }