Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition

Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition

Version: 2005
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OS: Windows 2K / XP
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Category:  Programming

The Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition enables to write the applications for the .NET Framework. It implements the new ECMA C++/CLI standard for simple writing and powerful code for the .NET Framework’s Common Language Runtime (CLR). It enables to write class libraries, console applications or Windows Forms applications. C++ is used to build 32-bit native code which access the full standard C and C++ libraries. It is flexible to use existing libraries and .NET Framework classes of the same application. It includes Standard Template Library (STL) based on the concept Generic Programming. This library includes – vector, queue, list, and map which are supposed to use C++ templates. The templates work with either built-in types or the types that are defined.

The main features of Microsoft Visual C++2005 Express Edition are:

  •  It enables to create powerful language and libraries like – C++ applications, C++ compiler, STL, and third-party libraries.
  •  It safeguards the C Runtime Library and Buffer overruns detection.
  •  It includes Visually Design Windows Applications like – toolbox, snap lines, menu control, toolstrip control, webbrowser control etc.
  •  It creates Interactive Development Environment.
  •  It is a powerful debugging tool.

{ Price: Freeware, Size: 2.9 MB }