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QBasic (Microsoft Quick Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) is an IDE and interpreter for BASIC programming language which is based on QuickBasic. QBasic can run under nearly all versions of DOS and Windows or through Linux or FreeBSD.

Qbasic is a structured Programming language supporting constructs like sub routines, while loops etc. One good way to learn programming is to start with simple programming language and a basic compiler is QBasic. one great advantage of Qbasic is that it checks for the errors as and when you type the code unlike the other compilers.

Qbasic is an amazing tool for beginners. the language is simple to learn and it doesn’t focus much punctuation. in addition to this QBasic is portable.

QBasic screen shot

QBasic screen shot

QBasic addresses all types of users and is an awesome IDE ,code interpreter and also a freeware to download. Finally Qbasic is simple to use and learn computer language which is free and works on most computers.

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