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Version: 13.0.1
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Zend Studio is the most Integrated Development Environment enabling rapid application development on both the server sides of PHP and java script to the professional for enhancing business applications. Zend Studio application features refactoring, code generation, code assist and semantic analysis elements and also tests or debugs PHP applications by integrating with VMware workstation. VMware workstation locates your development server to a local virtual machine that mirrors your production environment, and deploys your code directly onto that virtual server from the Zend Studio interface to analyze or resolve problems quickly to yield robust and bug free code.



You have comprehensive tools support to debug, integrate PHP, JavaScript, code inspection, quick fix, test generation, reporting to ensure your code starts out appropriately. Zend server tight integration enables developers to analyze the pinpoint root cause of issues detected while testing, staging or the production environment. Thus loop holes between development and production are mitigated.

Developers can further scrutinize Code Tracing results for the function calls tree, arguments, return values, duration, memory usage and more by determining the root cause of issues without spending time on recreating the production environment.

  •  Use instantly available consistent PHP environment in cloud that brings in advanced debugging, improved efficiency and collaboration.
  •  Enhances team oriented productivity with support for source configuration management.
  •  With the Zend Server monitoring rule confine a code trace in production either manually or automatically.

Download Zend Studio now to enhance consistency in your development or testing processes and speed up your development by running and debugging your application in a virtual, production environment never like before.


PHP 7 Support
Code Editor
Debugging and PHP Profiler
Mobile App Development
ource Control, PHP Unit Testing, and Built-in Tools
Integration with Popular Technologies
Web Server Integration
Framework Support
Apigility Integration for API building
Cloud Deployment

{ Price: , Size: 327.5 MB }