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Remove WGA is a utility tool that enables a user to remove the Microsoft Windows Genuine Advance Notification tool WGA  while enabling a user if the patch has been applied or not.

However, installing the WGA is considered by Microsoft as a security update since June 2006.¬† Remove WGA tool does not disable the validation procedure of windows, but only the notifications and the adjacent connections to Microsoft’s Servers.

Using Remove WGA tool is quite easy just downloading and running the executable file. then system needs to be rebooted and list of files which are to be deleted will be presented to the user after the boot. Remove WGA just has a simple dialog which enables the user whether the patch has been applied or not.

Remove WGA screen shot

Remove WGA screen shot

Test results of this tool are pretty good. The Major idea behind this tool is to solve the issue that bothers windows users although they have paid for the operating system. Remove WGA is a freeware application tool and a safe software that does not modify not even damage any other Windows component.

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