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Satellite Antenna Alignment is an innovative application that is facilitated to theoretically calculate the angle and align necessary to install a satellite dish more precisely in accordance with the formulas and other additional factors.

This Satellite Antenna Alignment application helps the users to visualize and determine the information on basic options essential to orient parabolic antennas to any of the satellite devices that are in the low orbit. The doable modifications in accord with the possible obstacles and antenna diameter can be calculated with no complications with the 200 operational satellites and multiple tools of this advantageous application. As in real circumstances there may be many factors to be considered that include buildings, trees, landscapes, altitudes, transponder orientation, polarization and many more.

Satellite Antenna Alignment

Satellite Antenna Alignment

To start with enter the geographical coordinates of the location in the “site location” box where the satellite dish has to be installed. It also allows the users to export or store the results of investigation to multiple formats of DOC, XLS, HTML and more. This mechanism can also be used to calculate the azimuth of the sun and can do everything without the help of compass and the calculations made can be printed, copied or saved.

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