Clean Desk Organizer 1.3

Clean Desk Organizer 1.3

Version: 1.3
Developer: | Homepage
License Type:Shareware
Price:   $12.00  USD  
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OS: Windows XP/2000
Size: 2.2 MB
Downloads: 69
Category:  Security Software

Clean Desk Organizer is an automatic Desktop cleaning tool. It helps in eliminating the clutter from the Desktop. It deletes the files from the desktop within a matter of time. It helps in keeping the files organized to specific directories. It monitors the desktop in moving files to specific folders automatically.

The following are the features of Clean Desk Organizer:

  •  It is accurate, complete, and virus free.
  •  It automatically re-arranges the desktop icons.
  •  It shows the cleaned items on the log page.
  •  It acts as an integrated file-manager without any effort.
  •  It possesses Drag-Drop functionality.
  •  It cleans any type of directories.
  •  It access files quickly and easily.
  •  Clean any directory through the Explorer.
  •  It define rules for each file type.

{ Price: Shareware, Size: 2.2 MB }