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Version: 1.6.8
Developer: | Homepage
License Type:Free to try
Price:   $34.95  USD  
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OS: Windows 95/NT/98/Me/2000/XP
Size: 3.84MB
Downloads: 49
Category:  Security Software

E-Surveiller is an app used for surveillance of the user activity. E-Surveiller has the capacity to watch various users on different computers, at home or an office network and also all through the internet. The programs are generated to secretly record the website visits, key strokes, window, applications, file modifications on remote functions and gives email reports from time to time. There is a feature with which you can save snapshots. Ee-Surveiller is password protected.

E-Surveiller is quite convenient to install and use. A 14 day free trial period is offered.

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E-Surveiller needs an OS: Windows95/98/200/Me/XP. There are more than 100,000 downloads till now. This utility product has been given a rating of 19 in Parental Control products. It needs a file size of 3.84MB which is very small and comfortable to use without the knowledge of the user. In the new version 1.6.8, there is a facility for fixing various bugs.

{ Price: Free to try, Size: 3.84MB }