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Version: 3.3.2
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License Type:3-day free trial
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OS: Windows
Size: 6.4MB
Downloads: 99
Category:  Networking Software, Security Software

Easy-Hide-IP user friendly Virtual Private Network (VPN) /IP changer tool which enables you to make the web browsing safe and secure, using this VPN management software tool you can hide your real ip address and location to others and you can also access online content that’s restricted in some areas, simply by choosing a new IP address from a compatible location.

Easy-Hide-IP is very easy to use and world’s most advanced solution to the internet users that restrict hackers from monitoring your activities like online transactions and other personal information. 

Easy-Hide-IP protects your identity by replacing real IP address and gives you a fake IP, so that you become visible to access the internet from different location. As all the internet traffic is routed through encrypted network of remote servers, Easy-Hide-IP allows others to see the IP address of our server (fake IP) but not your original address.

Easy-Hide-IP allows you to un-ban yourself and gain access to restricted sites by cleaning the cookies and hiding your original IP. Besides, it runs on very low computer resources but soon after applying the new settings the internet speed may be more or less affected. As browsing the web is increasing day by day and 77% of websites are using tracking services to track every move of users while browsing, it becomes necessary to download Easy-Hide-IP and Surf anonymously while protecting your identity and privacy easily on the internet.


Easy-Hide-IP Key Features

  • Awesome Customer Support
  • Easy-Hide-IP is trusted by thousands of customers from all over the world
  • over 60 servers giving you high speed access to the Internet
  • more than 16 countries giving you the the locations you need
  • don’t charge for data usage or impose download limits
  • Connect and reconnect as many times as you like, unlike other services we don’t diable high activity users
  • VPN works perfectly on Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android as well as many home routers
  • Not happy with the service? Let us know within 3 days of your purchase for a full refund

{ Price: 3-day free trial, Size: 6.4MB }