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Folder Guard is an authoritative computer security program for the windows which has the ability at taking complete control of files, folders, and specific Windows resource files like Control Panel, Start Menu, and so on. With the help of Folder Guard, the best that you can do is lock personal files and folders with passwords, and this will prevent any breach into your proprietary records.

The best thing about Folder Guard is that you can easily secure the personal file and folders from different types of virtual applications and the folders will not become visible unless the password entry is not made. Some of the other facilities which are provided by Folder Guard include protecting the sensitive file systems and critical data from accidental or controlling the access to removable hard drives, viral modification, as well as control panel restriction. The smart programs will hide your private folders or make them look empty even from Windows Explorer, MS-DOS programs, Office, etc.

Folder Guard

    Folder Guard

Folder Guard Key Features:

  • password-protect and restrict access to file folders
  • hide your personal folders from other users
  • restrict access to Control Panel, Start Menu, Desktop, etc
  • protect access to floppy, CD-ROM and other removable drives
  • suitable for a wide range of computer security tasks
  • protects your files without encrypting them
  • quickly enable or disable the protection via a “hot key”
  • operate in “stealth mode”
  • supports easy recovery in case of emergency
  • flexible and works with drives of any format

{ Price: 30-day Free trial, Size: 2.9MB }