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Kaspersky Password Manager free download latest version for Windows PC,Kaspersky Password Manager is a Security Software,This application is Developed and maintained  by kaspersky.

The Kaspersky Password Manager is an application that supports the automatization of the processes that involves submitting passwords for login. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to remember all the distinct passwords of different websites and services that we use on the internet.

Kaspersky Password Manager is a very handy a useful tool as it can let us cope with the trouble of creating, remembering and entering passwords into web sites. It also gives the assurance of security of personal and important data from loss, hacking, malware threats or the password forgetting issues very often encountered by users.

Kaspersky Password Manager

Kaspersky Password Manager

The main feature of this application is the generation of exceptionally healthy and strong passwords and synchronizing them with the corresponding web service. This is done by firstly creating a database of your usernames and passwords through this application. This database is encrypted and stored in a secure location on your PC by the application automatically.

The next time you use any application(s), you just need to login with Kaspersky Password Manager first which will further automatically enter the password and username as per the requirement. In case of potential threats, it can warn the user instantaneously as well as creating several backups for the sake data safety.

Kaspersky Password Manager  Key Features:

  • Securely stores your passwords, addresses & bank card data
  • Synchronizes data for access from your computers & mobiles
  • Simplifies access to all your favorite websites
  • Automatically generates strong, individual passwords*
  • Makes it easier to fill in online forms… on your PC or Mac
  • Gives you a choice of a free version or a premium version
  • Simplifies synchronization & security… for multiple devices
  • Includes easy-to-use mobile access & data capture features

{ Price: 30-Day Trial, Size: 4.6 MB }