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Version: 2.0 Beta 6c
Developer: | Homepage
License Type:freeware
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OS: windows all
Size: 1.60 MB
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Category:  Security Software, Windows

PeerGuardian  provides a memorable file sharing experience among  its users. This software was originally founded, with a motto to stop harmful IP address and keep the pc safe.

This software was only found to be secure when file was exchanged in peer-to-peer connection. It has its own online database which keeps on updating various IPs which are need to be blocked.

The user interface is straight and simple to work with and allows having access to blocked/allowed IPs. The settings are equipped with log details and recent history of software usage. The performance and functionality of this product is flawless and hence is recommended for pc users. The product is a shareware, after the trial period user needs to have valid keys for further access to it.

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PeerGuardian screen shot

One of the drawbacks of this software is that the file shared is not protected and is prone to attacks of harmful intruders.When system is online, various other firms try to intrude through this software to steal user’s personal data.

{ Price: freeware, Size: 1.60 MB }