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Steganos Internet Anonym Pro is specially created as a useful all-encompassing privacy package with the ability of keeping users online and offline privacy secure through the deletion of traces of Internet and PC activity as well as the management of cookies. It also eliminates traces of users’ PC and Internet surfing activity, preventing Web site operators and marketers from accessing that information. The multi-award winning combined protection against data snoopers: surf anonymously and destroy traces. Protect your privacy on the web, in filesharing networks and offline. Just one mouse click and you become invisible – your IP address is camouflaged. At one moment you may seem to be from USA, in the next second from Belgium.With Steganos you keep control over your privacy: Your list of favorites will be encrypted – your favorite websites remain private. The Internet Trace Destructor deletes more than 200 surfing and working traces – even fully automatically, if required.

Steganos Internet Anonym

Steganos Internet Anonym Pro Key Features:

  • Anonymous on the Net at the click of a button: You change identity every second
  • Even more secure and convenient: With danger filter and Steganos ProxyScout for faster anonymous surfing·
  • Automatically adapt the server list to your personal location: for highest possible connection speed!· The integrated Steganos Internet Trace Destructor deletes 150 Internet and work traces – automatically if you wish·
  • Even more convenient: automatically shut down the computer after the trace destruction·
  • Map of the world with location indicator – You can trace how your camouflage server changes·
  • Direct access to Internet Explorer – Easy to use thanks to the plug-in·

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