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Version: 6.6
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OS: Windows
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 Window Washer is a data cleaning tool developed by webroot software. This tool is designed to give you browsing privacy to instantly erase their browsing history, clean up their files and other internet activities. It is a powerful and easy to use tool equipped with the right features to protect your internet privacy. Successful cleaning not only gives you privacy, but it is good for the performance of the PC and the internet connection. This application can indirectly help in faster browsing and downloading of files.

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Window Washer SCREEN SHOT

The simple interface of application features a washing button, which when clicked gives the command of the software to clean all the relevant data specified in standard setting. The customization option enables you to set the list of what data to be erased and what programs should be included in the function of washing. You can even set the default cleaning frequency. You can clean your stuff after every certain interval after the end of every internet session. This software supports major internet browser and is equally compatible with different types of windows operating systems like Windows 7 and windows vista.

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