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OS: Windows 2K / XP / 9X / ME / NT
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Motherboard Monitor is an helpful tool that aims to display information from the sensor chips on your motherboard in your Windows system tray.
It can sense temps from CPU, HDD, and GFX. It does also sense fan speeds. One more advantage is if hardware is overheated it protects the hardware by just shutting down.

MBM also records all temps and fans for later viewing. If you want to overclock, then this is an excellent invention. This tool is recommended for all home built systems.

Motherboard Monitor SCREEN SHOT

Motherboard Monitor SCREEN SHOT

MBM supports a wide range of chipsets and sensor chip combinations like LM75, LM78, LM78-j, LM79, LM80, WinBond W83781D, WinBond W83782D, WinBond W83783S, WinBond W83627HF, Asus AS99127F, GL518SM, GL520SM, ADM9240, ADM1021, ADM1020, MAX1016, MAX1016a, FMS2701, VIA686A, THMC10 and THMC50.


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