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superspeed ramdisk plus FREE Download for Windows PC,Super Speed ramdisk plus gives performance speed of 50 times faster than the HDD and 10 times faster than SSD. Most important difference between ram disk and hard disk is its access speed.

superspeed ramdisk plus

superspeed ramdisk plus

A RAM disk does not have mechanical parts and its access speed is typically measured in nanoseconds. RamDisk Plus ‘s most unique feature uses patented memory management technology (up to 512GB) to create a virtual disk out of system RAM.

All data is read from and written to RAM, not a hard drive C the fastest solution available. It builds a Ramdisk product, offering automatic disk image save at system shut down and disk image load at system start up.

Virtual and removable disk types are also supported. Disks can be created with partition tables or without. Any memory not accessible by a Windows 64-bit OS can now be included for use by a RAM disk.

{ Price: Free to try, Size: 10.4 MB }